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Ingredients for our premium products come from the rainforests of Malaysia, the shady forests and wetlands of S.E. Asia, the rugged Coastal forests near the Chilean Patagonian ice-fields and the sun-drenched
slopes of Calabria, Italy.

Great prices

We search the world for Life-Giving products, in the form of plants, herbs and minerals, of the highest grade and potency, that support the body’s natural rejuvenating – superior
products at great prices.

About Us

Our promise is to deliver superior products

Harmony Spring Inc. was founded in 2005, making this our 18th year in business. Our focus has been to supply our customers with unique, patented, science-based, clinically proven herbal extracts, backed by rigorous scientific research, products that create healing and improve your quality of life.

Harmony Spring is excited to be celebrating 18 years as a supplier of science tested, clinically proven nutraceutical herbal extracts.

Health Solutions

Checkout our solutions below for health and wellness


Men's/Women's Health

Libido, Energy, Testosterone, Hormonal, Overall Well-being


Weight Management

Appetite Control, Energy, Fat Burning, Control Cravings


Immune Boost

Anti-aging, immune system, Fight, infections


Brain & Memory

Brain Health, Focus, Memory, Mental well-being



Natural Heart Health, Cholesterol, Blood Flow, Blood Sugar



Anti-inflammatory, Pain, Joints, Healthy, Bones & Muscles



High Energy Levels,
Endurance & Stamina



Restful Sleep, Fall Asleep Quickly, Stay Asleep Longer


Highest quality, all-natural ingredients sourced globally for optimal health

Fast Delivery

Orders will be shipped within 24-48 hours of receipt


Scientifically proven, patented, standardized and clinically tested products

Fair Price

Premium products at reasonable prices

Why Choose Our Products?

All of our products are made from the highest grade ingredients

We place great emphasis on introducing only high quality, well-researched herbal and other natural products that have a tradition of documented effectiveness and safety, produced by sustainable harvesting and organic farming methods.

Quality ingredients make a massive impact on the potency and ultimately on the effectiveness.

Avaliable Products

Happy Customers

Years in Business

Day Money Back Guarantee

Popular Premium Products

A Few of Our Popular Premium Products

Revive Diamond

Libido/Sexual Energy


Lean Green

Appetite Control/ Energy/Fat Burning

$12.95 – $64.95

Maqui Berry

World’s Most Powerful Antioxidant/Anti-inflammatory



Cardiovascular/ Cholesterol/Blood Sugar


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What people say about our products…

Amber Campbell

“Lean Green is a great energy booster. I take it 20 minutes before I hit the gym because I am able to finish my full workout strong from beginning to end an even stay a little longer since I have that added energy!”

David Lee

“Just remember this supplement takes time to build up in your system so expect results after a week or so. Just don’t take it once and throw it out, it takes a little time. This is my second time buying, and I will buy again.”

Suzie Bateman

“Great Stuff. Lowered my blood pressure to the degree I had to cut my blood pressure medicine in half and still lower than its been in years.”


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