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The One and Only

Having fun does not have to stop at 50. Today, new worlds open up and await middle age physical and mental activity for the remainder of life…

The Greatest Sexual “Skills” are Empathy and Communication

When you think about improving your sexual skills, you probably imagine yourself practicing the kinds of advice

The One And Only

The One And Only

Let LJ100® help you get back your Vigor, Virility and Vitality!

Can life after 50 hold the greatest years of your life? However old you are, there is an abundance of wonderful things waiting to happen for you. If you have the right attitude you will not let them pass.

It is also a time when testosterone production decreases and one simply feels old – physically, mentally and emotionally. Is there a remedy and if so, what is it?

People are still in search for a “fountain of youth” in hope of bring vigor back into their lives. Numerous scientific investigations and human clinical trials suggest an Eastern herb that can restore youthfulness.

Now comes the compelling story of LJ100®, the patented, proprietary, potent and original Tongkat Ali (also known as Eurycoma longifolia) developed by MIT and the Government of Malaysia with an exclusive extortion method and protected by U.S. and Worldwide Patents.

LJ100 is the only clinically proven Tongkat Ali extract for sexual functionality, sports nutrition and andropause. Healthy testosterone levels provide over 100 benefits to the body and are needed by men and women to maintain proper health.

Backed by 15 Human Clinical Studies, LJ100® (Eurcome longifolia) is the only ingredient with the following clinical benefits:

  • Enhanced sexual function and increases libido
  • Maintains normal free testosterone levels
  • Reduces cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Improves mood
  • Prevents dieters from binge eating to achieve successful weight loss
  • Reduces fatigue and tension
  • Improves endurance and stamina
  • Natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy
  • Promotes overall wellbeing and hormonal health

The Greatest Sexual “Skills”

The Greatest Sexual “Skills” are Empathy and Communication

When you think about improving your sexual skills, you probably imagine yourself practicing the kinds of advice and techniques that you’d find on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine – raunchy tips about foreplay contorted sex positions and exotic but mind-blowing sexual maneuvers.

This advice can be of use – and trying new things in the bedroom isn’t a bade idea in general. But the most important techniques are of a different kind altogether. When it comes to cultivating magnificent sex, the key skills are pretty basic.

The key message here is: The greatest sexual “skills” are empathy and communication.

For now, forget the extravagant techniques you’ve read about and focus on these two fundamental skills: empathy and communication. These involve understanding your partner – and making yourself understood in turn.

Empathy refers to the ability to metaphorically “enter into” someone else – to understand how they’re feeling, both physically and mentally.

Earlier, we described the important of creating a sense of connectedness or “merging” during sex – it’s the kind of connection that’s only possible when lovers exercise a strong and well-developed sense of empathy.

Do you know what it means when your lover tenses both arms in a certain way? Or if your partner’s in the mood for something relaxed or more up-tempo? These kinds of intuitions are usually based on empathy; without them, magnificent sex is impossible. The ability to empathize goes hand in hand with the ability to communicate. It takes guts to tell your lover exactly what you was – what feels good, what you’re in the mood for, and what your most private fantasies are. But extraordinary sex depends on precisely this kind of communication.

Too often, partners spend the early part of a relationship figuring out each other’s sexual preferences and then they just repeat the same few steps every time they have sex! Even if this result in orgasm, it’s far from magnificent.

Forget this mechanical sex by numbers. Empathy and communication are what will help your stay tuned to your lover’s desires – enabling you to adapt what you do as both the mood and situation change.

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