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Lean Green


  • Appetite control
  • Fat burning
  • Energy & stamina
  • Antioxidant
  • Focus & memory

— Dosage: Take 1-2 capsules daily.

Stephanie M.

“Lean Green is a great supplement to curb your appetite; I lost a few pounds quickly! I have tried several other supplements in the past, but always felt like I was starving myself and would get shaky. Lean Green doesn’t leave you with cravings or hunger pains. This is by far the best product out there!”

Amber C.

“Lean Green is a great energy booster. I take it 20 minutes before I hit the gym and I am able to finish my full workout strong from beginning to end and even stay a little longer since I have added energy!”

Lauren B. LPN

Wellness Coach, Amy Brenner MD & Associates

“We use your Lean Green supplement in our office and have seen great results with appetite control and energy specifically. We are currently recommending it be used 1 capsule daily or every other day. Thank you.”

Lose Weight & Feel Great!

Best Selling Weight Loss Product

Lean Green is formulated to help you lose weight & feel great! Burn body fat naturally and feel great while doing it.

Lean Green, our popular, effective, all-natural weight loss product has been proven to boost energy, control your appetite and burn fat!

Filled with powerful ingredients like Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Nuoxing Leaf Extract, L-Carnitine, Ginger Root and White Willow, this effective weight loss supplement can help you slip into spring, summer, fall or winter with the results you are looking for!

Lean Green Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Our best selling weight loss product, Lean Green, a natural herbal supplement, curbs your appetite while increasing energy and burning fat.

Green Tea:
Antioxidants and nutrients in green tea provide a multitude of health benefits including increased brain function, control over blood sugar levels and boosts metabolism that increases fat burning.

Garcinia Cambogia: (Mangosteen Oil)
Lessens the production of fatty tissue and suppresses the appetite.

Nuoxing Leaf Extract:
Raises energy levels, increases ability to focus which enhancing endurance and stamina throughout the day. Crucial in fighting diseases and keeping the brain healthy. Gives a rejuvenating effect to the body.

White Willow:
An effective ingredient for weight loss. Boosts metabolism and burns fat.

Eleuthero: (Siberian Ginseng)
Used for reducing lethargy, fatigue and low stamina while increasing endurance, resilience and mental performance.

Ginger Root:
Plays a role in fat burning and carbohydrate digestion. Has been show to significantly reduce body weight.

Carnitine: (L-Carnitine)
Helps the body turn fat into energy. An antioxidant that can reduce fat mass, increase muscle mass and reduce fatigue.

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