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Neo 40 / Neo 40 Professional


  • Increases nitric oxide levels
  • Healthy blood flow
  • Heart health
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Promotes increased circulation

— Dosage: Take one tab daily and allow it to dissolve under your tongue. You can take two tabs daily during the 30-45 day restoration loading phase. After 30-45 days, take only one tab daily. Neo40 contains a one-month supply or thirty tabs.


Kay O.

“My husband and I were prescribed Neo40 to soften the walls of our vascular system to prevent strokes and heart attacks. Both of us have lowered our blood pressure, gotten off of toxic medications and both of us run under 120/70 without any medication. We love this product and highly recommend it.”

Mark H. Raternink, M.D.

“Objectively, I believe Neo40 has been a major asset in supporting blood pressure & arterial health… Neo40 is one of the most significant products to come onto the market.”

Dr Eleanor Womack, M.D.

“As a practifioner, I use Neo40 myself every day and recommend it to almost all of my patients.”

Why NEO40

Why NEO40 Works

Formulated by a team of scientists and researchers, backed by clinical trials, the University of Taxes Health Sciences Center, and used by over 1,500 medical professionals in their daily practice, Neo40 is the fastest and most effective Nitric Oxide formula aimed at supporting heart health.

Neo40 is the Gold Standard in Nitric Oxide Restoration

Nitric Oxide is the foundation of our health, essential and tied to most of the body’s major physiological systems. Without it, we can’t live, That’s why by scientifically researching and studying N-O, we created Neo 40, a concentrated, clinical grade, cardiovascular solution.

Proprietary, one-of-a-kind and patented, Neo40 is a daily supplement that helps to rapidly produce Nitric Oxide in your body, as well as supports the body’s ability to product its own N-O over time.

It’s a 100% drug-free product that contains a blend of these powerful nitric oxide boosting ingredients:
  • Beet Root Powder and Hawthorn Berry Extract
  • L-Citrulline
  • Sodium Nitrite

NEO40 Professional

NEO40 Professional – Nitric Oxide Booster with Methylfolate

Healthy Blood Pressure, Circulation & Cardiovascular Health
60 Tablets

Neo Professional is a clinical strength nitric oxide restoration formula, with added methylfolate for increased efficacy. The patented, quick dissolving tabs are clinically proven to generate nitric oxide in the mouth.

Clinical strength nitric oxide restoration formula, with added methylfolate for increased efficacy. Patented, quick-dissolve tabs clinically proven to generate nitric oxide in the mouth.

Dosage: You may take up to 2 tablets per day during the restoration-loading phase. Take each tablet 12 hours apart. After 30-45 days, take only one tablet daily. Place one tablet in your mouth, dissolve or chew, and swallow. Do not place under tongue or swallow whole. Hydrate before and after taking to avoid mouth sensitivity.

*The products and the information provided have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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