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  • Protection against loss of brain cells
  • Healthy new brain cell creation
  • Decreased inflammation in the brain
  • Cognition, memory & focus
  • Patented for “Treatment of Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Impairment with Andrographolides.

— Dosage: For daily wellness, take 2 capsules.

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Charlie H.

“I take this religiously every day. I am 66 but feel 26 and am on the ball! I’ve been taking supplements my entire life and it paid off. These are certainly an addition I can say won’t hurt and may help everyone interested in whole body/mind health.”

Susan Olson

“I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and I noticed an improvement with my memory and confidence within 24 hours of just taking 2 capsules. I take 2 capsules 5 days a week and rest from the product 2 days a week. By giving the body a break the product continues to work better. I was having trouble remembering people’s names and that issue seems to be resolving itself. I seem to be able to multi-task again and remember what needs to be done. My husband started the product as well and he says he can tell a difference in how calm it makes him feel and how much sharper his thinking is. I really like this product!”

Becky B.


The Power Of NeuroActin

Experience the Power of NeuroActin

Brain Cell Protection for Clear Thinking, Concentration & Memory

Do you struggle with daily focus? Would you describe your state of mind as being in a brain fog?

NeuroActin is a cognitive health supplement, which works as a brain booster to give your brain what it needs to function at optimal capacity.

NeuroActin works direcly with neurotransmitters in providing nutrients to the brain cell.

Experience The Power Of

Focus – Energy – Memory – Mood

This memory health vitamin calls upon NeuroActin® (Andrographis Paniculata Extract) to keep your brain cells fresh and strong.

  • Improves brain health
  • Promotes focus &concentration
  • Prevents memory loss
  • Improves cognitive learning
  • Reduces oxidative stress & inflammation
  • Promotes mental well-being & positive mood
Manufactured to FDA Standards Accepted by National Institute of Health

NeuroActin, (an Andrographis Paniculata extract), has been awarded a patent for its use in brain-health and cognitive-support supplements. The Patent is titled “Treatment of Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Impairment with Andrographolides.”

1. Protects Your Brain Cells – NeuroActin helps maintain healthy inflammation and healthy tau protein levels, two important factors in preserving your brain cells and their critical communication system. When your brain cells can communicate perfectly, you’ll feel sharper, steadier and lightning-fast.

2. Healthy New Brain Cell Creation – Andrographis, the key ingredient in NeuroActin contains unique natural plant chemicals that stimulate the creation of healthy new brain cells no mater how old you are. That fresh supply helps you stay more alert and focused.

3. Cognition, Memory & Focus – Scientifically selected ingredients support your healthiest brain by helping increase your mental energy and flexibility, so you can take on the day with calm focus and clear thinking

4. Avoid Embarrassing “Senior Moments” – Fresh, strong brain cells help keep your memory sharp well into your older years, so you can sidestep “senior moments” and remember the things you need to.

Maintain Healthy Proteins

Fight Aging

Promote Cell Communication

Generate New Brain Cells

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Discover the science by reading our detailed white paper on the NeuroActin.
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The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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