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Organifi Trim Down Bundle

1 Canister Green Juice

1 Canister Red Juice

1 Complete Protein All-In-One Mix

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Target the Fat with the Trim Down Bundle by Organifi !

We cracked the code!  Losing weight is easier than ever with this simple, three step plan.

No crash diets… no surgery or liposuction… and no membership to an expensive gym required!  All you need to do is enjoy some delicious drinks and  smoothies.

Introducing: The Trim Down Bundle by Organifi

Here’s what you’re going to get:

1 Canister Organifi Green Juice

1 Canister Organifi Red Juice

1 Canister Organifi Complete Protein

PLUS the all-new book, “Superfoods That Target Fat” – absolutely FREE

Yours today for just $175.95 (normally $249.85)

With this specialized collection of superfoods, we’re going to target the exact problem areas you want to deal with.  Yes, you’ll also receive a bevy of other benefits…like better mental clarity, high levels of energy, and a clean detoxified system.  Those are just the happy side-effects.

Here’s how it works:

Start your day with a refreshing and hydrating glass of Organifi Green Juice.  You will be giving your body and mind a super boost of detoxifying and cleansing power.  You’ll be crushing your cravings before they an even start.  You’ll be loosening fat cells trapped inside those toxins and burning them for energy.  Our Green Juice is made with ashwagandha, an adaptogen with the unique power of lowering your cortisol levels by over 20%.

Replace your breakfast or lunch with Organifi Complete Protein.  You’ll get a filling meal by just mixing up a creamy, delicious chocolate or vanilla shake.  It’s as simple as stirring a spoon.  And you’ll be getting an entire organic meal’s worth of vitamins, minerals, protein and a massive helping of digestive enzymes to make your tummy feel great all day.  Many of our protein drinkers have reported a steady weight loss of one pound per week!

In the afternoon, you’ll notice many of your co-workers struggle to stay awake.  Their stomachs rumble as their thoughts turn to snacking.  So what do you do?  How about a glass of sweet, mouthwatering Red Juice?  It satisfies your cravings for a sweet treat and gives you a blast of energy to help you soar through the rest of the day.  Plus, it changes your metabolism to burn fat all day – even while you’re resting!

As you’re winding down from your smooth and hassle-free day,  your body will feel calm and relaxed.  Without the remnants of caffeine and sugar rocketing around your system, getting the rest you need won’t be a problem.  Remember proper sleep is another huge factor in weight loss!

And you’ll rest assured knowing tomorrow will be just as good – if not better than today!  You see, every day you take these superfoods in these combinations, the effects continue to grow stronger.  The result are undeniable.  And after doing this for 30 days, you’re going to see some truly enviable results: 

  • Massively increased weight loss
  • Improved memory and mental function
  • A youthful glow and shine in the skin, hair and nails
  • A stronger metabolism that lasts
  • Improved digestion
  • And so much more!

If you’re ready for serious results – FAST – then this bundle is specifically for you.  Once you place your order,  you can download your free ebook, “Superfoods That Target Fat” and get started on your new lifestyle today!   And in just a few days, you’ll receive your superfood package.  You’ll begin to feel the difference in your energy and motivation immediately.  And soon, you’ll begin to see and feel long-lasting results.

It’s time to take control over your body – The Trim Down Bundle is here to help.

Yours today for just $175.95



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