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  • Reduces the pain of chronic inflammation
  • Healthy immune system
  • Flexibility & mobility
  • Healthy bones & joints
  • US Patent for “The Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases and Alzheimer’s Disease.”

— Dosage: 300 mg daily taken in 150 mg doses twice daily. Those seeking optimum support may take as much as 600 mg daily.

Sally H.

“I have found this to be effective in dealing with neuropathy and degenerative disk disease. It is not harsh and causes no side effects. I am not able to tolerate pain relievers. I take two in the morning and two at bedtime. It has definitely been beneficial.”

Lorraine C.

“Goodbye inflammation and pain.”

Jo S.

“I use this product to help with arthritis in my knee, it relieves the pain almost immediately, and my knee seems to be improving. Highly recommend this product.”


Clinically Proven Effective Anti-Inflammatory

ParActin® is a unique, standardized, patented, rigorously science-proven, proprietary nutraceutical. The anti-inflammatory benefits of ParActin come from the standardized herbal extract, Andrographis Panicuiata, which is sustainably harvested in Southeastern Asia. ParActin® is the result of 24 years of research and development and It boasts more than 30 studies,

Want to avoid the pain of chronic inflammation, take your daily dose of ParActin and feel your best everyday!

Helps To Keep Your Joints Limber & Pain Free

Don’t let aging slow you down!

ParActin® protects your joints, supports healthy bones, muscles and cartilage. It can ultimately increase overall mobility and comfort. Enjoy greater freedom to garden, golf or play with grandchildren without the pain that comes after a day of activity.

Eating a balanced diet, a good night’s sleep, drinking lots of water and taking ParActin helps to promote a healthy immune system!

Result of 24 Years of Research

A New Champion Over Inflammation

ParActin® is the result of 24 years of research & development with more than 30 studies and human clinical trials.

  • Is exceptionally efficient at a daily dose of 300 mg
  • Improves muscle strength & exercise performance
  • Effective in reducing inflammation
  • Promotes healthy bone & joint support
  • Awarded US Patent for “The Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases and Alzheimer’s Disease”
  • Improves flexibility & mobility
ParActin® is for anyone who doesn’t have time for pain!

Backed by Science

Scientific Results:

ParActin’s patented extract formula is clinically proven to improve muscle strength and promote muscle recovery. We stand behind our products because they are based on proven science.
Get a supplement that actually works!

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Discover the science by reading our detail white paper on ParActin.
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