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Revive Diamond – 90 capsules

  • All-natural blend of 3 powerful aphrodisiacs: LJ100, Organic Tribulus Terrestris & Maca
  • Revitalizes and increases sexual vitality, energy & stamina
  • Nitric Oxide enhancer that increases blood flow & circulation
  • Increases testosterone & libido
  • Boosts athletic performance

What Revive Diamond Can Do For You!


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Discover how our NEW Revive Diamond formula not only increases testosterone, boosts libido, energizes and improves sports performance but is also good for your heart and circulation.

Natural Sexual Enhancement

Supports Healthy Heart Function



Revive Diamond  is our NEW Formula that combines 3 proven aphrodisiacs LJ100, Organic Tribulus Terrestris & Organic Maca.  In addition, our scientists have added a Nitric Oxide enhancer and Bioperine for increased absorption.

Get the LJ100 Story

Natural Sexual Enhancement Formula

An Ancient Remedy…A Modern Miracle

When testosterone production decreases, one simply feels old—physically, mentally and emotionally. We search for the fabled “fountain of youth” in hopes of bringing vigor back into our lives. Enter the compelling story of a remarkable product where East meets West, where human clinicals (testing),  and modern extraction method meets longstanding tradition.   

LJ100, the patented, proprietary, potent and original Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) has been known for centuries as the “fountain of life and the  “giver of life.”  This anti-aging remedy is a wellness tonic designed to support libido, energy and weight management and has over 100 benefits for  men and women to maintain excellent health.  LJ100 is the only clinically proven Tongkat Ali extract for sexual function, sports nutrition and ED.

Created by researchers at the University Malaya (Malaysia) and MIT (Mass. Institute of Technology) this product has been shown in human clinical trials to produce DHEA and free testosterone, creating a pathway for the sexual experience by stimulating the relaxation phase of smooth muscle that ultimately causes penile erection. Higher testosterone levels can improve sexual performance, libido and a host of youthful, life giving physical improvements.

Organic Tribulus Terrestris, the second aphrodisiac in our new formula is a plant whose roots are used for male virility, libido enhancing properties and for boosting testosterone.  Found in the Mediterranean, Western United States, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, China and Vietnam, the Tribulus plant’s leaf, root and fruit have been used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries.

Organic Maca, the second aphrodisiac in this new formula has been growing in the pristine altitudes of the Andes Mountains in Peru for over 2000 years .  Maca roots have been traditionally consumed by the natives in Peru to boost fertility and sexual health since ancient times.  Called the ‘Peruvian Ginseng’ and used as an aphrodisiac, Maca is rich in fibre, calcium, iron and amino acids.  It is known to boost fertility, reduce stress and increase stamina.

L Citruline & Bergamot Blend, a nitric oxide enhancer increases blood flow and circulation.

Bioperine, increases nutrient absorption.

What is Revive Diamond and how does it work?

You will discover how our New Revive Diamond product with its all-natural blend of three powerful aphrodisiacs, LJ100, Tribulus and Maca, will revitalize and increase sexual vitality, energy and stamina, enhances your circulatory system and therefore your heart function, blood pressure and memory.   L Citruline & Bergamot blend, its nitric oxide enhancer  increases blood flow which will enlarge your penis.  Add to this the most stringent testing and processing possible and you have the ultimate combination of Science & Nature. The ingredients in the exclusive Revive Diamond formula can produce nothing less than

Great Health & Great Sex.


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