Unique Products Developed Exclusively For Harmony Spring:

Revive Diamond

Increases libido & testosterone/energy/nitric oxide/circulation

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Revive Platinum

Increased libido/Immune system/hormonal health/ overall wellbeing

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Promotes sharper focus/healthy brain/memory function

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Reduces Inflammation and swollen joints/ Healthy bones & muscle

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Citruslim Plus

Healthy weight loss/energy/ reduces fatigue/reduces cortisol/balances blood sugar

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Weight control/Immune system/Anti-aging/ Inflammation

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Maqui Berry

Extraordinary Anti-oxidant Protection / Anti-inflammatory / Immune system

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Enhance Your Revive Experience With These Nitric Oxide Products:


Improves sexual functioning for men & women/circulation/Produces Nitric Oxide

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Heart health/cleans up clogged arteries/Produces Nitric Oxide

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Cardio For Life

Won Nobel Prize in medicine/ Repairs & rebuilds damaged arteries/Produces Nitric Oxide

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Neo 40 Professional / Neo 40- Nitric Oxide

Healthy blood pressure levels/Heart health/Increased circulation/Produces Nitric Oxide

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Clean Up Your Arteries With Our Nitric Oxide Products

Popular Products We Recommend For Energy, Weight Loss and Sleep:

Alert TCM

Quick energy boost/Enhances energy and concentration/Positive mood while fighting stress & daily fatigue

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Lean Green

Lose Weight & Feel Great/Energy booster/Curbs appetite

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Sleep Aid

Natural sleep aid promotes falling asleep and staying asleep/Reduces stress/Stills the mind

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Unique Products For Special Healing:

Rapid Healing Gel

Rapid healing for burns, bruises, bites, skin abrasions, rashes/Topical skin conditions

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