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Revive Platinum

“Just remember this supplement takes time to build up in your system so expect results after a week or so. Just don’t take it once and throw it out, it takes a little time. This is my second time buying, and I will buy again.”a

– David Lee

“This stuff is amazzzzzing!!!!! It really works. This stuff is the real deal guys, like a natural Viagra. Also this stuff will give you random wood like you were a teenager again. Trust me your significant other will notice the difference.”

– Benjamin Graham

“This is definitely a very effective product. I would recommitted this product to anyone who has had problems with ED.”

– Dylan Piper


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Lean Green

“Lean Green is a great energy booster. I take it 20 minutes before I hit the gym because I am able to finish my full workout strong from beginning to end an even stay a little longer since I have that added energy!”

– Amber Campbell

“Lean Green is a great supplement to curb your appetite:; I lost a few pounds quickly! I have tried several other supplements in the pat, but always felt like I was starving myself and would get shaky. Lean Green doesn’t lead you with cravings or hunger pains. This is by far the best product out there!”

– Stephenie Mathews

“I have been taking a product called Lean Green that I heard about from my friend who works at Bella Vita Medical Center. She is pleased with her results and recommended them highly. I check with my doctor who said they were OK to take. My pharmacist wanted to know what I had been taking to lose weight and she said it was a great mixture of herbs. In addition, my mom and dad lost lots of weight (25-40 lbs.). It’s very affordable and there are no side effects. I am very happy and looking better every day. Thank you!”

– Sarah Ivy


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“Many of my patients are depleted (in Nitric Oxide). Patients that are diligent with taking NEO40…I’ve seen them get up to the optimal level.”

– Dr. Daniel Freeland, M.D./Family Practice

“Bought this produce because I heard fin a doctor friend it was great for blood pressure and circulation support from Nitric Oxide. This product rocks! I felt improved energy along with the support I was looking for. It’s easy to take and it is backed by several clinical trials. I feel comfortable recommending it to my friends.”

– Stella Cook

“Excellent product that reduced my high blood pressure 40 points in one week! Love it!!!

– Pat Sendejas


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“This product is awesome!!! I can not say in words how much I love this stuff. I am 45 and was lethargic and overweight, so I started an exercise program and Stronvivo. My God what a difference. My workouts are better, I have more stamina and strength, and recover much faster that I have in the past. I am more alert during the day and require less sleep at night with no adverse affects. I am starting my 4th month a will stay on this stuff as long as they sell it.

It is amazing for my love life as well. Bottom line get some and try it yourself.”

– David Reid

“I love this product ! Gives me lots of energy and puts pep in your step!”

– Cathy Mathews

“I have been taking Stronvivo for more than three months. I love this product. It was recommended to me, because I may have the beginnings of heart disease which runs in my family, and Stronvivo is good for the endothelium.Some of the additional benefits I have noticed since taking Stronvivo is that I have more energy than I have had in several years. I am finishing projects that I have only thought about for the last few years instead of sitting around because I am too tired to do anything else after work. Also, when I go to bed at night, I sleep through the night and wake up completely rested and immediately alert. As an added bonus, I have a greater sense of well being, and stress impacts me less. I don’t seem to get as upset by unexpected situations as I have in the past.”

– Veronica Miller


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Cardio For Life

“My wife uses this product (I should be too) and she says it really helps her energy and overall good health. My son’s best friend had major heart issues after serving in Iraq and he started taking this product too. His doctors, some of the best in the country, could not believe his improvement using this supplement. I suggest you buy some and try it. I bet you will be impressed with how much better you will feel.”

– Daniel K. Ross

“Never before has a supplement had such a profound effect on my energy levels. I’ve been able to train harder, and I feel much stronger. This stuff works.”

– Sheldon Bart

“Never before has a supplement had such a profound effect on my energy levels. I’ve been able to train harder, and I feel much stronger. This stuff works.”

– Paul Miller


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“Great Stuff. Lowered my blood pressure to the degree I had to cut my blood pressure medicine in half and still lower than its been in years.”

– Suzie Bateman

“Within thirty days after taking this product, my blood pressure dropped ten points. Coincidence? I don’t know and don’t care. It also breaks down in the body into the same active ingredient as Viagra. I am a believer.”

– Rob Thompson

“Great product that boost blood circulation and clears the arteries of calcium build up. Controls or reduces high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Adults 30 years and above should use this product for a healthier life.”

– Marilyn Smith


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Rapid Relief Therapeutic Gel

“I bit the inside of my mouth and noticed several days later a swelling and hardness that did not go away. I began to suspect that this sore on the inside of my mouth could be a Canker Sore so I applied the Rapid Relief Therapeutic Gel and within several hours the sore was almost gone and with a second application was completely gone in not more than 5 hours. Amazing. I had a similar result with a large red rash on a personal part of my body. Two applications and a few hours and it was gone.”

– Robert S.


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“This is a very good product. It helps me with headaches. When I feel one coming on, I take 3 small ParActin. It is a great natural anti-inflammatory product that works!”

– Melody White

“I have found this to be effective in dealing with neuropathy and degenerative disk disease. It is not harsh and causes no side effects. I am not able to tolerate pain relievers. I take two in the morning and two at bedtime. It has definitely been beneficial.”

– Sally Anderson

“Taken, as directed, this anti-inflammatory has dramatically reduced inflammation and joint pain without any side effects. But, it is important to take the recommended dose for your weight, and repeat the dose every 4-6 hours, or as needed. I have been taking it for nearly 3 years and have been able to dramatically reduce my need for pain killers, such as Aleve.”

– Martha A. Gephart


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Citrus Bergamonte

“This product works well for the heart and it is all natural with no chemicals.”

– Mandy Springer


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“Totally has helped improve my overall health!”

– Stephanie Torres


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“Great for your health.”

– Michele Land


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““I take these religiously every day. I always feel great every day but want to keep myself sharp. I am 66 but feel 26 and am on the ball! I’ve been taking supplements my.entire life and it paid off. These are certainly an addition I can say won’t hurt and may help everyone interested in whole body/mind health! (I was just kidding in my title! Humor also is my other tonic!)”

– Carl Hackman


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“I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and I noticed an improvement with my memory and confidence within 24 hours of just taking 2 capsules. I take 2 capsules 5 days a week and rest from the product 2 days a week. By giving the body a break the product continues to work better. I was having trouble remembering people’s names and that issue seems to be resolving itself. I seem to be able to multi-task again and remember what needs to be done. My husband started the product as well and he says he can tell a difference in how calm it makes him feel and how much sharper his thinking is. I really like this product!”

– Susan Olson


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– Becky Black


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Sleep Time

“I have had erratic sleep patterns ever since menopause, I wake up several times during the night. I took Sleep Time to help me fall asleep and have a quality sleep pattern. I have tried several products that claim to help you sleep, but this supplement is the only one that worked for me. I am so great full for this product. I sleep through the night and wake up feeling full of energy, not sluggish or drowsy. I only us this when I’v been having trouble falling asleep. I recommend Sleep Time. Thank you!”

– Mary Anne Henderson


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“I love the Sleep Time. This product actually works really well!”

-Kimberley W.


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“I was astonished at how well Sleep Time works. I sleep every night now. One thing I would recommend is getting ready for bed early when you take the supplement, then you can go right to bed when you get sleepy. Once in a while I have “missed the boat” meaning the extreme sleepy stage passed while I was letting the dog out, brushing teeth, etc. & then I had more difficulty getting to sleep than if I had gone right to bed. ”

– Sandra M.


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