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I bit the inside of my mouth and noticed several days later a swelling and hardness that did not go away. I began to suspect that this sore on the inside of my mouth could be a Canker Sore so I applied the Vira Gel : HC. Within several hours the sore was almost gone and with a second application was completely gone in not more than 5 hours. Amazing. I had a similar result with a large red rash on a personal part of my body. Two applications and a few hours and it was gone.

       – Robert S., St. Petersburg, Fl (*Individual results may vary.)



“I have been taking Lean Green for a couple years, I originally heard about it from friend who worked at a Wellness Center. She was happy with her results and recommended them highly. Being a cancer survivor I was hesitant in taking anything, however I checked with my Doctor, he said they were OK for me to take.  After a few month my pharmacist wanted to know what I had been taking to lose weight, I showed her the Lean Green and she said it was a great mixture of herbs.   I’m so happy I found Lean Green to help me lose the weight that I was struggling with!”- Ivy from Nashville TN

“Lean Green is a great supplement to curve your appetite and lost a few pounds quickly! I have tried several other supplements in the past but always felt like I was starving myself or would get shaky. Lean Green doesn’t leave you with cravings or hunger pains!!! This is by far the best product out there, I always have some for those sleepless nights. Great alternative to all those sugary coffee drinks that doesn’t make me crash!”- Stephanie

“Lean Green is a great energy booster. I take it 20 minutes before I hit the gym because I am able to finish my full workout strong from beginning to end and even stay a little longer since I have that added energy!” –Amber Campbell

“Doing the HCG restricted calorie diet is impossible without Lean Green. It keeps me motivated to stay on track and not give in to my hunger and ruin the protocol. Most importantly, being on the restricted calorie diet, I was afraid I would lose energy or steam at work. I am instead very productive and focused. “-Marisa Kennedy

“I have been taking lean green for a couple years and have referred countless folks to you, so since IM a walking talking advertisement I thought I would look into how to be a seller myself?”- Susan Butler

We are LOVING your products! Placing another order…24 Lean Green, 14 Revive. Thanks so much!- Gene Blake, Rhett Women’s Center

“I’ve started using the Lean Green and I Love it! I want to buy a 3 month supply and some for my family. Do you do 3-month supplies? Thanks. – Angie Rosario