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What is Tongkat Ali


Origins Malaysia’s rich source of rainforests contain thousands of plants with potential medicinal values and one that is truly remarkable….Eurycoma longifolia, commonly called Tonkat Ali, with a rich tradition and history of providing virility and sexual enhancement for men and women !!!

Tongkat ali roots have been used for centuries in Malaysia as an aphrodisiac for sexual desire and impotence. Tongkat Ali has been called Malaysia’s”homegrown Viagra” developed in cooperation with the Malaysian government and MIT.

The roots of Tongkat Ali were used by the local natives for strength, energy and mental focus to increase their libido and sexual virility. It also
increases libido and sexual function. Within 30 – 60 minutes of dosing you’ll feel more mentally energetic. And then after two weeks of dosing, tongkat ali begins to have an effect on the endocrine system by increasing testosterone, making more testosterone more bioavailable while providing over 100 benefits to the body, needed by men and women to maintain proper health.

LJ100 is the only Tongkat Ali ingredient that has the following clinically-proven benefits!

  • Enhances sexual function and increases libido
  • Maintains normal high-free testosterone levels
  • Reduces the stress hormone & Improves mood
  • Helps achieve successful weight loss
  • Promotes strength & physical performance
  • Reduces fatigue/tension & improves endurance/stamina
  • Natural alternatives to testosterone replacement therapy
  • Promotes overall wellbeing and hormonal health
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